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Discover two ways to earn through mining farms, earn with mining alone and earn with the growth of the mined coins

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  • Earn regular income from mining. Running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your mining farm will earn money while you sleep.

  • Through mining alone your farm should pay for itself in approximately 270-570 days depending on the chosen coin(s) to mine.

  • Earn more from Cryptocurrency growth - the average increase of the top 10 performing Cryptocurrencies in 2017 was a staggering 2,368% meaning the value of your mined coins increase too.

Crypto Mining Vs Other Investments

Crypto Mining can achieve much higher returns when compared to more conventional investments, which makes it ideal as part of an investment portfolio.

Below, we compare Crypto Mining with conventional investments.


Typically paying 1-3% interest on your savings per annum.  Very safe but rates can go up or down with the state of the economy. Low returns.


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a relatively safe investment backed by a commercial portfolio of properties with typical returns between 3-5%.


Regular dividends typically pay 1-3%. The higher the dividend the stronger the company but also the lower the share appreciation in the long term. You can choose higher risk companies where you can lose your total investment but you can make returns of 20% to 50%.


Yields of 5-6% which hopefully cover mortgage payments and pay of the asset.  On disposal you get your investment back plus asset growth. Over a 20 year period house prices have gone up on average 7%.  Commercial properties can be higher, but require higher deposits.

Crypto Mining

Typical returns from 39% to 184% depending on the value of the coin when you come to sell it.

With a Crypto Mining Farm you buy the equipment which generates coins through mining which you can sell to return your investment.

You can keep all or choose to sell your coins in the medium to long term. Like with property, you benefit from the coin appreciation gains.

Unlike property, cryptocurrencies are more volatile but the returns can be extremely high (i.e. up to 100 times higher). Yields depend on the mining equipment and mining coin.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is hosting / miner collocation?

Hosting or sometimes also referred to as colocation, is the ability to operate your ASIC miners or GPU mining rigs in a dedicating mining facility.

These facilities are often secure data centres which have been optimised for miners, this can help reduce electricity costs, space requirements and noise levels normally associated with mining on your own premises.

This is where Enhalo Mining come in - we can host your mining equipment for you.

Can I bring my own mining hardware?

Absolutely, we can host your mining equipment in our secure dedicated mining facility.

What is included in the setup fee?

The setup fee covers the initial setup of your mining hardware in our mining facility.  We'll ensure your mining equipment is properly configured so that earnings are delivered straight to your wallet.

Are electricity and maintenance costs included?

Yes, all electricity and maintenance is included in our hosting fee.

Where is your hosting facility located?

Our hosting facilities are located in various locations, our main location is in Iceland.

Who owns the machine if I buy from you?

The mining equipment is yours. You can ship your equipment anywhere you want once your hosting contract expires, costs may be applied.

How do I send my mining equipment to you?

Please get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss our hosting service.

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